Hi, I'm Stacey, also known as The Dietetics Coach!

I hold a B.S. degree in Food and Nutrition from The University of Alabama and proudly serve as the founder and CEO of Just Feed Me, LLC. With a background in professional food styling and photography, I have the unique opportunity to merge my passion for food with my creative skills.

Through Just Feed Me, I am dedicated to helping individuals develop a healthier relationship with food and their bodies. I offer guidance and support to chronic dieters, empowering them to break free from restrictive eating patterns and embrace intuitive eating principles.

My goal is to foster a positive and sustainable approach to nutrition, promoting overall well-being and self-care.

Prior to pursuing a career in nutrition, I worked for NASA as an aerospace software engineer, with a special interest in artificial intelligence and robotics. 

Apart from my professional pursuits, I love all things coffee, sloths, and books.

As The Dietetics Coach, I am thrilled to share my knowledge, experiences, and passion for nutrition with others. I believe in the power of education, support, and individualized guidance to help individuals achieve their health and wellness goals. Together, we can create a nourishing and fulfilling journey towards a healthier lifestyle.